Stressed out, overwhelmed, and exhausted...

In today’s world we have so much on our plates–pressure from work, friends, family, society. Not to mention ourselves.  We want to have it all together–healthy, centered, successful. But you know what? It’s hard! Finding the balance between having a healthy body/mind/spirit and “making it” according to our own definitions of success is a challenge to say the least.  We have a list of goals we want to accomplish by X age.  But the weight of our daily stress makes it harder and harder to progress.

Sound familiar?

You’re always exhausted and need caffeine or sugar to make it through the day. 

You have stress-related symptoms like headaches, breakouts, weight gain, or digestive trouble. 

It’s hard for you to relax because you feel overwhelmed and anxious much of the time. 

You’re serious about your goals, but just don’t have the energy or focus to make real progress.


Is this you? I can help!


My name is Auriel and I’m a certified holistic health coach. I help ambitious women (like you!) prioritize themselves and their wellness, so they can look and feel amazing while conquering their biggest goals.

As your health coach, my goals is to take you from stressed-out, overwhelmed and exhausted to energized, confident, and unstoppable

Through my one-on-one coaching program, I work along side you to help manage stress, increase energy, gain clarity, lose weight, develop sustainable healthy habits, prioritize self-care and more!

For years I was so focused on my future that I was neglecting myself in the present. I went from a rigorous academic program in high school (the IB program), to attending an Ivy League University, to enrolling in Teach for America, and was headed to law school. 


I was running my body ragged with stress, lack of sleep, poor diet and periods of no physical activity followed by extreme exercise regiments. Needless to say, my body wasn’t feeling it and I experienced a host of unpleasant symptoms like headaches, acne, fatigue, eczema, digestive issues, dry eyes, and chronic hives, just to name a few!  And don’t get me started on the anxiety, lack of focus and waning motivation. 


In other words, I was burnt out! 


My body was giving me all the signs that I needed to slow down and take better care of myself.  It took a while, but I eventually started listening.


I decided to forgo law school and instead focus on bringing down my stress and anxiety levels, improving my diet and nutrition, incorporating movement that energizes me, shifting my mindset, and prioritizing self-care.


And honestly, this was the best decision I’ve ever made! Not only do I feel better than I have in years, but I now have a deep understanding of the importance of wellness and taking care of ourselves from every angle   physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  


I believe that listening and getting in tune with our bodies is essential. Through my own experience and my training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), I’ve learned that when we support our bodies and take care of ourselves it creates a ripple effect: 

  • We feel better – more grounded, energized and confident,
  • We work better – with more focus, efficiency, and productivity,
  • And we live better – with balance, positivity and peace.
 I’ve experienced this first hand and I want the same for you! I would love to support you on your unique wellness journey because I know just how transformative taking that first step toward better health can be. 


You can start your journey to health, happiness and success by working with me as your health coach. Contact me today to schedule your free 30 min Wellness Strategy Session. You will walk away with actionable steps to start looking, feeling, and living your best. 

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