The Best DIY Deep Conditioner for Dry, Winter Hair

by Auriel

During the winter when my hair tends to get really dry and uncooperative, deep conditioning is a must!

I love deep conditioners and I’ve tried many store-bought varieties over the years to repair my hair from chemicals, dyes, heat damage, and many other traumas I’ve put my hair through. But lately I’ve been experimenting with making my own homemade deep conditioners.

Not only is it cheaper, but you don’t have to wonder about those mysterious, unpronounceable ingredients on the label.  It’s nice to have control over what’s going in my hair. The simpler and more natural the better!

This DIY deep conditioner is extremely simple to make and is one of my favorites.  All you need is Greek yogurt, honey, and olive oil.  Whenever I use it my hair feels super moisturized, shiny, and soft.  It also cuts down on frizz (a major concern for me) and tangles which makes styling afterward that much easier.

Each of these ingredients has a ton of benefits to support hair health and you probably have them in your kitchen right now.

Greek Yogurt

I almost always include Greek yogurt in my hair masks because it has a lot of protein and fatty acids which do wonders for dry, damaged hair.

  • Protein strengthens hair and helps prevent split ends.
  • Fats lock in moisture and nourish dry strands.
  • Lactic Acid supports hair growth and cleanses the scalp to soothe itching and prevent dandruff.


Not surprisingly, honey is full of nutrients, antioxidants, and healing compounds that can also support healthy hair.

  • As a humectant and an emollient, it attracts and seals moisture into your hair, softening and increasing the hair’s natural luster.
  • Vitamins and antioxidants strengthen hair follicles and prevents breakage, which leads to hair growth.
  • Antibacterial properties keep your hair and scalp clean and healthy.

Olive Oil

There are many oils that are great for hair care, but olive oil is my preferred type. It’s a bit heavier than some of the others and in my experience adds longer-lasting moisture.

  • It coats the outer layer of the hair giving a smooth, glossy appearance.
  • Penetrates the hair shaft to improve elasticity and shine.
  • Antioxidants shield hair from harmful free radicals keeping it strong and protected.

Again, feel free to tweak this simple recipe to your needs! There’s so many items you already have at home that you can use to condition your hair when it need a little boost.

Do you ever make your own deep conditioner? What ingredients do you use?

deep conditioner for dry winter hair

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