6 Wellness Podcasts for a Happier, Healthier Life

by Auriel

I’m a big podcast fan and I listen to them A LOT! Whether I’m doing my hair, driving to work, cooking, working out…whatever the activity, you’ll probably hear a podcast playing in the background.

If you haven’t entered the podcast world yet, it’s time you take the plunge!  Podcasts are entertaining and informative, and the best part is you can listen on the go.  It’s a fun and easy way to learn about almost any topic you can think of. 

Now that were jumping into the new year, my podcast focus has shifted to the health and wellness arena. If you’re anything like me you’ve been thinking about how to be the best version of yourself and strive for health and happiness this year.

Well look no further! Today I’m sharing some of my favorite wellness-related podcasts that will motivate you as you start or continuing on your wellness journey.

I love that these podcasts approach wellness from many different perspectives–focusing on mind, body and spirit.  I think each of these aspects of health are super important. For long term well-being we really need a balance of all three.  Each of these podcasts has something unique to offer to the wellness space and I really enjoy listening. I know you will too!

1. Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations

Oprah's Super Soul Conversations Podcast

In my mind Oprah can do no wrong (does that make me biased?!).  And her podcast is outstanding for those looking to grow and develop inside and out.  This is my go-to podcast when I want a mindset shift.  Oprah’s deeply personal and meaningful conversations always leave me feeling uplifted and inspired.  Her guests are fascinating and include best-selling authors, spiritual luminaries, health and wellness experts and even celebrities.  They so eloquently share their stories, recapping their biggest life lessons.  The show aims to provide answers to life’s biggest questions and bring you closer to your best self.  You’ll learn about self-discovery, spirituality, finding your purpose and so much more. 

2. Mind Body Green Podcast

Mind Body Green Podcast

I randomly came across this podcast when I was going through a really bad bout of eczema and was looking for natural, non-conventional methods of healing.  This podcast speaks on that very subject. Host, Jason Wachob, is changing the conversation about health and advocates for a more holistic approach to wellness. One that goes beyond just the physical body.  Jason’s journey began when, with the help of functional medicine and yoga, he was able to naturally heal from a serious back injury. One that, under normal circumstances, would require surgery.  Ever since then he’s been on a quest to show transformative power of wellness.  The show is casual and informative and the guests are some of biggest names in the wellness industry.  Jason is real and honest and not afraid to look at the wellness industry through a critical lens.  I’ve learned so many unexpected things from this podcast like how kale might actually be bad for your health and the life-changing power of mushrooms.  This show is packed with information and Jason does a great job of keeping things interesting week after week.

3. The Wellness Mama Podcast


Don’t let the name fool you, this podcast is not just for mamas!  It’s for anyone looking to craft a healthier lifestyle.  I’ve been following the Wellness Mama blog for some time now, since I’ve been on my own wellness journey and looking toward natural methods of healing.  Her posts are always extremely thorough and well-researched, yet easy to digest and apply. She’s someone that I’ve really come to trust when it comes to health and wellness. I’ve recently started listening to her podcast and it’s become a new favorite. On the podcast, Katie discusses topics like holistic health, real food, fitness, and natural living with a little bit of motherhood and family life sprinkled in.  Katie is extremely knowledgeable and I love her personality. Definitely give this podcast a try for actionable tips for living your healthiest life.

4. Food Heaven Podcast


Hosted by Registered Dietitians and BFFs Wendy and Jess, who vow to make the world a healthier place one meal at a time.  If you’re looking for a one stop shop for all things food, health and nutrition this is it!  Wendy and Jess, really know their stuff.  I love hearing their take on popular wellness topics and their conversations with different leaders in the wellness community.  They give real tips for making sustainable changes to improve health.  Things that you’ll actually be able to apply and maintain.  Their episodes aren’t super long. They range from about 20 to 45 minutes, giving you quality content without all the fluff. 

5. Good Life Project

Good Life Project

Good Life Project is way more than just a podcast, it’s a movement. Founded by Jonathan Fields, he and his team are on a mission to help us live a more meaningful, connected and vital life.  On the podcast, Johnathon gives us a peak into the lives of some of the most accomplished teachers, creators and leaders.  He walks us through their journey and how they’ve achieved meaning, connection, and purpose in their lives.  It really makes you rethink your own definition of “the good life.”  There’s something so calming and gentle about Jonathan’s voice, and you can feel his authenticity and passion in every episode.  This is an amazingly inspirational podcast that I highly recommend. Shout out to my mom, who introduced me to this show!

6. Mind Body Musings

mind body musings podcast

I recently started listening to Mind Body Musings and I’m obsessed!  It’s rare that you listen to a podcast and feel completely understood.  If you’re interested in topics like self-love, mindset, personal growth, spirituality, and how these all relate to health and wellness, then this is the podcast for you!  Author, life coach and former fitness model, Maddy Moon shares her insight on aligning mind, body and spirit.  Maddy’s kind of like a wise, older sister, encouraging and pushing you to reach your full potential and letting you know that everything is gonna be just fine.  She does a combination of interview style and solo session episodes, that are always full of real-talk, humor, and motivation.

What are your favorite wellness podcasts?

Wellness Podcasts

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Tiffany Griffin January 31, 2019 - 3:54 pm

Great roundup of podcasts! I’m a big fan of The Wellness Mama Podcast.

Aurielg January 31, 2019 - 9:41 pm

Thank you Tiffany! Yes, the Wellness Mama Podcast is great! I’ve been reading her blog for so long but some how only recently discovered the podcast!

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